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Embark on an interactive journey of self-discovery and goal setting!

  • Identify Your 'Big 5' Life Goals!

  • Craft Your 5-Year Vision!

  • Set Clear 12-Month Goals!

  • Learn the MKX Goal Achievement Method!

  • Overcome Personal Obstacles!

  • Engage in Powerful Self-Discovery Techniques!

Your Host:

Rutney Sluis

As an esteemed NLP expert, trainer, and founder of many companies, including the Sluis NLP Instituut, Rutney Sluis embodies a blend of profound knowledge and a genuine desire to foster global well-being. 
His captivating hosting style stems from a deep understanding of human psychology and a career dedicated to empowering individuals to realize
 their fullest potential.

His extensive collaborations with notable individuals like Rico Verhoeven and others in various countries including France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, and Denmark, further enrich his perspective, bringing a wealth of diverse insights to the seminar.

Join Rutney as he guides everyone through this 4 hour interactive journey of discovering what is holding you have from achieving all of your goals on 2024 and beyond!

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